Hand drawn I Ink on paper I 50x70cm 
SELECTED FOR LUERZER'S ARCHIVE 200 Best Illustrators 2016/2017
Cover of Lürzer's Archive, Vol. 3-16.
Lürzer's Archive - Print Ad of the week 18/2016
I made this piece for a project which aim to show the people that they are welcomed to come into the mall with a pet,
but only dogs are allowed. 
Advertising Agency: White Rabbit, Budapest, Hungary I Creative Directors: Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs
Art Directors: Istvan Bracsok, Marcell Szoke I Copywriter: Levente Kovacs
Illustrator: Benze
Client Service Director: Levente Balint I Strategic Director: Csilla Kovari
-------------- THE ARTWORK --------------
"Nice try" on the cover of Lürzer's Archive, Vol. 3-16.
------------- DETAIL SHOTS --------------
------------- THE FINAL VERSION ------------- 
------------- WIP SHOTS ------------- 

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